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Green Canyon Rafting

In Pangandaran (West Java) the Green Canyon is a popular destination for nature lovers and action sports. The Green Canyon offers breathtaking panoramic views of crystal clear water, surrounded by rock formations, some with stalagmites and stalactites. From above penetrates the green, tropical vegetation into the canyon. Visitors will discover a unique atmosphere and many opportunities to make photos.

Those of you, who want to have some more action can not just jump from various rocks into the the crystal clear water, but also take a body-rafting trip through the entire Green Canyon. This tour includes smaller climbs and beautiful waterfalls, green and water everywhere you look. A real experience that you will never forget.


Perjalanan ke Green Canyon


HOTEL: Amazon Bungalow & Cottages

Hotel Jakarta Jl. Sanghyangkalang, Batukaras, Java
from $ 12 p/n
Terletak dekat dengan Green Canyon yang terkenal dan sekitar 30 menit berkendara dari Pantai Pangandaran di Pangandaran, Amazon Bungalow & Cottages menyediakan akomodasi yang nyaman dan menawarkan tempat parkir gratis jika Anda membawa kendaraan. Dari properti, dibutuhkan waktu 15 menit berkendara menuju Green Canyon dan sekitar 45 menit berkendara menuju Mata Air Dingin Citumang. Bandara Nusa Wiru berselang 20 menit dengan mobil.


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