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Lake Toba

Already the journey from Medan to Parapat is a journey well worth making!! Along the way you will see the beauty of the landscape, decorated with green rice field and plantations. On this tour you will pass numerous villages, before the landscape changes and becomes more virgin as it climbs into the highlands. The final reward of the long journey is the sight of Toba, Indonesia's biggest lake as well as the largest quaternary caldera in the world, and one of the most impressive attractions in Sumatra.

The crater of Lake Toba was formed by an eruption of the Toba super volcano 74,000 years ago. It is believed that these were the largest volcanic eruption of the past two million years. This was followed by a cooling of global climate, known as a volcanic winter.

Toba is now a very nice and large crater lake with a relatively cool climate. Even wealthy Indonesians use the air to relax over the weekend. The culture of the Batak is ubiquitous and interesting and offers surprising insights into the diversity of the peoples of Indonesia. Check our tour recommendations for additional information about how to travel at Lake Toba.

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INFO: just survived

From the relatively close genetic relationship among us, scientist can calculate that 70,000 years ago the population of Homo sapiens was only a few thousand individuals in former Africa. According to one theory, for this genetic bottleneck an eruption of the volcano Toba was responsible. Thus, the explosion of the Toba super-volcano has led to a massive cooling of the world climate. Other species of the genus Homo, based in Asia and Europe, are extinct shortly thereafter. And the history of mankind had almost been finished.

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