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Bukittinggi is the cultural center of the Minangkabau people, the only ethnic group in Indonesia with matriarchal-like features. Land and home ownership is always bestowed on the women. Here you can see the unique culture and exceptional architecture of the Minangkabau, which is represented by the Rumah Gadang, the traditional houses with roofs designed as bull horns. Bukittinggi is located in the Bukit Barisan Mountains with a beautiful landscape and quite cool temperature throughout the year.

As a tourist center, Bukittinggi has a multitude of craft and souvenir shops as well as those for jewelry and antiques. For some of the better stuff and to be where a lot of it is made then it is advised you travel further out of town where many of the craft villages are. But it is also possible to visit ... yes, the equator. Near Bukittinggi a monument that is built over the road marks the equator. Travelers can stand in both hemispheres at the same time.

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INFO: women in power

Bukittinggi is the cultural center of the Minangkabau ethnic group, the largest surviving matriarchal culture worldwide. At the Minangkabau residential property and land are always owned by women. Even rice fields are still passed down to daughters and Minangkabau women have a strong authority in private life. Young men often have to wait passively for the proposal of marriage of a woman.

HOTEL: Brigitte´s House

Hotel Bukittinggi Jl Kampung Sebelah I no 14D, Padang
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Brigitte´s house is located in a quiet residential street in a peaceful part of Padang. The shopping districts, harbor and beach are all just a few minutes walk away. You will feel far removed from all the hustle and bustle of central Padang in this quiet neighborhood.

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