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Safely protected beyond the lofty mountains and rugged granite cliffs of the central highlands of the island of Sulawesi, are the Toraja people who live in valleys that are lush with green rice terraces and fertile coffee plantations.

Most tourists like to stay in Rantepao, the largest town and the main travelers' center of Tana Toraja. Toraja land is known for its ancient culture and traditions. According to the myths of the Torajas, their ancestors descended from heaven to the top of the mountains, and then spread through the valleys.

The most spectacular aspect of Toraja's culture is the burial ceremony. According to their belief, death is an important event that must not be forgotten. Therefore, burial ceremonies cost a lot of money, and a whole family?s inheritance could well be spent to hold a single one. Hundreds of pigs and buffaloes are sacrificed during the ceremony, which takes place in the mountains. The coffins are then buried in holes, similar to caves.

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INFO: funeral ceremony

The Toraja funeral ceremony is famous far beyond the boundaries of Tana Toraja. The funeral ritual is the most elaborate and expensive event in a Toraja's live. It might be attended by thousands of visitors and last for several days. An important component of the ritual is the slaughter of water buffalo and pigs. Not just few, but dozens of animals will be slaughtered. The more powerful the person was who died, the more buffalo get slaughtered at the death feast. Buffalo carcasses, including their heads, are usually lined up on a field. Such bloody doings require a strong stomach of tourists-visitors. Prime funeral season is after the harvest in July to October. Visitors attending a Toraja funeral should wear dark colored clothing.

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