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Mamasa Valley

If you like to stay away from busy tourist spots and like to enjoy the quiet countryside of Toraja land, you may visit Mamasa valley. This place is strikingly beautiful with many sightseeing places nearby that are worth to visit. See Rante Buda with the oldest and best preserved Tongkongan, which are the traditional houses of the region.

Things to do in the Mamasa Valley

Travel to Mamasa Valley

INFO: Toraja architecture

The hallmark of Mamasa valley is the architecture of the traditional houses. A characteristic of the particular style is the curved roof, which extends the front and back like two buffalo horns upward. Traditionally, the wood construction is made of tongue-and-groove and assembled without nails. The construction of a traditional Toraja house is extremely time consuming and requires the use of skilled craftsmen. The walls are decorated with large and artistically sophisticated carving and a painting. In Mamasa valley traditional Toraja houses can be found, which are several hundred years old. Nowadays, the traditional houses in Mamasa valley offer not only housing but also through tourism offer a welcome source of income for the local population.

HOTEL: Hotel Pison

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