Jayawijaya Mountains

The Jayawijaya Mountains are located in the middle of Irian Jaya, in the Jayawijiya Regency. The highest peaks are Trikora, Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid), Yamin and Mandala.
The Jaya peak is the most extreme mountain in the Jayawijaya region, and as the highest mountain in Australia and Oceania, one of the seven summits of the world. Some sources count the peak above 5,000m, but 4884m should be the truth. Climbing Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid) is an expedition and only suitable for experienced climbers. It is always covered with snow and you even find some small glacier.

Access to the Carstensz Pyramid is rather complex. Because of repeatedly emerging unrest in the indigenous population of Papua, the access routes are sometimes changed. One must definitely count with some domestic flights in Indonesia and expect then one week of jungle trekking until you reach the entrance to the mountain. The climb itself requires several hours of enduring climbing (UIAA III-IV). Overall, this expedition is not to make less than 3 weeks.

The easier way of climbing a Jayawijaya mountain is Trikora peak, which is only a few meters lower than Jaya. However, the Trikora tour also is far away from simply mountain wandering. It's a difficult tour that requires very good physical condition and high mental capacity. Strong team skills and alpine experience is necessary.

Travel into the Jayawijaya Mountains

INFO: Heinrich Harrer

The mountain is named after the Dutch navigator and explorer Jan Carstensz, who first described the Carstenz Pyramid in 1623. The first ascent was not until 13 February 1962 by Heinrich Harrer, who wrote the book "I'm coming out of the Stone Age," about this adventure.

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