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Baliem Valley

The Baliem Valley is located in the central part of Papua, the Jayawijaya Regency, and is a very famous destination of Papua. The natural beauty is enhanced by the people's faithful adherence to their ancestral customs and traditions. Their so called "primitive stone civilization" is one of the oldest and best preserved in Indonesia, despite the harsh conditions and rapid modernization in today's life.

The valley can be reached by plane from Wamena, or by foot, which takes about five hours. Waisaput is a traditional village in the valley, where one can observe the marriage customs of the Dani tribe and the mummification of corpses. It is told that one of the mummies is 200 years old aged. See picture!

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The Baliem Valley was first discovered in 1938 by American zoologist Richard Archbold. During a flight over the impenetrable jungle of Papua, he saw purely coincidental an agriculturally cultivated valley in the highlands of Papua, surrounded by high mountains up to 4500m. Due to the long lasting virginity until the middle of the last century, the Dani and other tribes could obtain their authentic lifestyles. Only in 1954 the first missionary arrived by parachute drop into the valley. Nowadays, some settlements of the families of the Korowai still retain completely uncontacted.

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