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The Asmat people are expert craftsmen and sculptors and their art is famous around the world. In the late 1960's, Asmat crafts received a boost by a project supported by the United Nations, which aimed to encourage local craftsmen to keep alive their art. They live in a kind of wood culture because all their tools are somehow related to wood.

The Asmat people live in the areas of Flamingo Bay and Cook's Bay, on the Southwestern coast of Irian Jaya. Modern civilization did not reach this area until recently. Nevertheless, the main town Agats has an interesting museum filled with woodcarvings and other objects. However, the area largely consists of untamed wilderness, mangroves, and rivers with huge tides. Only two hotels are available and the area is hard to reach and very expensive once arrived.

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The Asmat have traditionally placed great emphasis on the veneration of ancestors, particularly those who were accomplished warriors. Asmat art, most noticeably elaborate, stylized wood carving, is designed to honor ancestors. Many Asmat artifacts have been collected by the world's museums, among the most notable of which are those found in the Michael C. Rockefeller Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam.

HOTEL: Losmen Pada Elo

Jl. Kompas, Agats
from $ 10 p/n
Very basic accommodation. One of two opportunities in Agats.
Phone: +62 971 31038.

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