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Sumba is sparse and dry and one of the poorest islands in Indonesia. The residents are original, traditional and religious people. Tourism infrastructure is very basic, however, there is much to discover in Sumba: a rich culture, traditional lifestyle, bizarre landscapes, unspoilt nature and beautiful beaches.

Maybe the biggest attraction of Sumba is the traditional ceremony known as Pasola. The Pasola is performed by horse riders armed with spears. Two villagers face each other in a mock but far from serious battle. Every year, these ceremonies are held in Wanokaka, Kodi and Lamboya around February and March, and on certain holidays such as 17th August, when dance performances and horse races are also held in conjunction. Other attractions are megalithic stone tombs, traditional high roofed houses and outstanding weavings.

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INFO: Pasola

The Pasola is an extremely extravagant and bloody harvest festival. It is a re-enacted battle between two villages, as they still took place a few decades ago. In this war game ritual many dozens of riders compete against each other. For hours they gallop bareback on their horses and hurl their spears at each other with full force. The spears are indeed dull, yet sometimes riders are injured and sometimes even deaths occur. The Pasola takes place each year in February in the Kodi area and the Lamboya area and in March in the Wanokaka area and the Gaura Area west of Lamboya. In order to get the exact dates of the Pasola call hotels in Waingapu or Waikabubak.

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