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Seram island is mountainous and covered with tropical rainforest and populated only very slight. The highest mountain of the island is Gunung Binaiya with 3027 meters in the middle of the island. The area around the mountain is protected by the National Park Manusela. Manusela was Maluku's first national park. It covers a huge chunk of Central Seram's interior.

The park offers great scenery and fascinating but very tough hiking treks. The most popular trek starts at Hatumeti on the south coast, and leads to Wahai in the north. This punishingly masochistic adventure takes about a week! Guides and porters are necessary, but accommodation can be found in villages along the way. A tempting diversion from this trail can be climbing Gunung Binaya.

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INFO: Wallacea

Seram belongs to the so-called Wallacea region, which is located between Asia and Australia, and describes an area in which plants and animals can be found, native of both continents. Seram is a key region of the world, with a very high biodiversity. The rain forests of Seram accommodate 16 endemic bird species which are found nowhere else on Earth. This includes the Molokken Kakadu. Also, several mammalian species are found only on Seram, such as the Seram flying fox.

HOTEL: Penginapan Irene

Jl Martha Tiahahu, Masohi, Seram
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Phone: +62 914 21238

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