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Banda Islands

The cluster of the ten Banda islands is only 44 km² in size and located 132 km south of Ambon. The marine environment around these islands is undoubtedly wonderful. The islands are surrounded by wonderful sea gardens, rich in decorative corals and fish, which make it one of the best diving sites in Asia. Facilities for sightseeing, snorkeling and skin diving are available, as well as clean and comfortable cottages.

The Banda group of islands is perched on the rim of Indonesia's deepest sea, the Banda Sea. Near Manuk Island, the waters reach a depth of more than 6,500 meters

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INFO: biodiversity

The Moluccas are among the hotspots of the world, one of the regions with an extremely high biodiversity. This is also reflected in the features of the dive sites in the Banda Islands. In addition to a variety of coral reefs, which are among the healthiest in the World and offer an incredible abundance of fish, also a remarkable diversity of species in the macro range can be found on the Banda Islands. Besides whale sharks and rays, diving liveaboards also report orcas, pilot whales, blue whales and humpback whales.

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