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As the historical center and most important island of Maluku, Ambon has a number of sites that are of historical and cultural interest. Among them are the remnants of some old forts built by the Dutch East Indies Company during the days of the spice traders. And at the ANZAC War Cemetery near the town of Ambon services are held every year to commemorate the Allied soldiers who died in the region during world War II.

Outside the dusty city, the island shows up as a tropical gem, with flowering gardens and lush mountains in the background. Two great bays offer beautiful sea gardens and coral reefs, as well as other watersport opportunities like canoeing, water-skiing.

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INFO: spice trade

Moluccans are also known as "spice islands". Until the 18th Century, nutmeg and cloves grew only in the Moluccas. The people have realized the benefits of these plants early, and drove spice trade with the Chinese and the Arabs, a long time before the arrival of Europeans.

When the Portuguese arrived in 1512, there was no holding back. The spices of the Moluccas became quickly very popular in Europe and were soon outweighed by gold. This led to large desires in Europe and fired colonialism in the region. Soon the Dutch took over control over the Moluccan islands, and they should keep it with a few brief interruptions, in which one or the other colonial power stepped in, for about 300 years.

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