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Derawan consists of several, very tiny islands. This nature reserve is a perfect tropical paradise with soft white sand beaches fringed with waving palm trees, and an impressive underwater world.

The waters around Derawan are good for swimming, fishing, scuba diving, and other water sports. But the area is first and foremost known for its diving sites. Several species of rare flora and fauna are preserved here, such as scaled turtles and sea cows. It is even possible to swim among black mantas up to 3.5 meters wide.

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INFO: sea gypsies

The Bajau spend most of their lives on small covered boats. On the approximately ten square meters of those boats often an entire family lives. Several of these boats together form a village. The Bajau leave their boats practically only when it is absolutely necessary, for example, in order to gather firewood or material for tools. Even storms drive them not to land, but getting them to nearby islands, into creeks or mangroves for protection.

Bajau are also known for their exceptional ability in freediving. Through physical adaptation they are able to see better under water and dive longer than other people. Bajau often intentionally pierce in youth their eardrum to facilitate diving and hunting in the sea. Many older Bajau are therefore hearing impaired.


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