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Mahakam river

The Mahakam river originates at the Mueller Mountain and is 920 kilometers long, and is the most important traffic route in East Borneo. The Mahakam has many tributaries and small lakes and fascinates with its Amazonian-like scenery. In a number of places it is 400 to 500 meters wide. The Mahakam can be navigated far into the hinterland. Taking a boat trip on the river, the traveler glides along the tropical jungle vegetation on both sides of the river, into another world.

Many small settlements of the Dayak people are located on the shores of the river. These former headhunters still live traditionally in their communal longhouses. A longhouse has several compartments, which are typically used by one family. The length of a complete long house is between 100 and 300 meters. In the past, longhouses of a length of up to 400 meters could be found. The more traditional Dayak people have pierced earlobes, which over the years have become stretched by the weight of heavy gold or brass rings.

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INFO: Dayak

In 19th Century the Dayak were particularly famous for having some of their tribes practiced the ritual of head-hunting. Here in raids and battles were dead enemies beheaded and the severed head then taken as a war trophy. Moreover, since some groups working as pirates, which led to clashes with European colonial troops. In those reports, the Dayak were often portrayed as bloodthirsty savages. Unlike otherwise reports from now and then in some cases a later date could be at the show but never Dayak cannibalism.
Source: (Accessed: 03/10/2013)

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