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Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Inhabited by 12 million people, this city is among the most densely populated places in the world. It is a hot and dirty city. Every attempt of town planning seems to have failed. But on the other hand, Jakarta also possesses many historical places and cultural heritage.

And as a modern and booming mega city it provides a modern lifestyle with shopping centers and a paradise for gourmets as it has a variety of restaurants with meals from all over the world. For those who travel to Jakarta, the city provides many tour opportunities inside and outside the city.

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INFO: history of Jakarta

Jakarta is located at the Ciliwung river delta, which is inhabited for thousands of years. Since the end of the 12th Century there ruled the West Javanese Hindu dynasty Pajajaran. End of the 15th Century the main port of Pajajaran empire was built at the mouth of the river Ciliwung . At that time the city was called Sunda Kelapa.

The Portuguese landed there in 1522 and set up a fort to protect the port for the spice trade. 1619 Dutch East India Company took possession of the port city and made it his headquarters. Soon she was called to the Fort Batavia and capital of the Dutch East Indies colony. From Batavia the Netherlands controlled at the early 18th Century in whole Java, Sumatra and parts of the Spice Islands (Moluccas).

During the Second World War, Japanese forces occupied Batavia and forced the Dutch to surrender. The three hundred year colonial rule was over. With the Japanese surrender on 15th August 1945, Indonesia was granted independence. Jakarta was over thousands of years always a focal point of Indonesian history.

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