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  • Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airpor in Bali is the second largest airport in Indonesia, just after the capital´s airport Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta.

  • The airport is located on the most southern tip of Bali, near the resorts Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur.

  • Bus services are available from the Tegal bus station to the airport (1 hour).
    On Bali can also travel by bemo. Since bemos have to pay a fee to drive on the airport grounds, it is often cheaper to travel by a bemos available outside the airport.

  • When taking a taxi, it is recommended to use the airport taxi service, where prices are fixed. See also the information on Bali Taxi down below.

  • Beside numerous chartered flights and many domestic connections, Denpasar airport serves also international flights.


Garuda Indonesia:

  • Garuda Indonesia is the national airline of Indonesia. After having a ban for flights in the EU because of safety concerns, improvements were introduced by the company in 2009, and Garuda was again removed from the ban list. The average age of the fleet currently stands at 10.3 years (as of 2010, German Lufthansa 12.2 years).

  • Garuda Indonesia has naturally the densest network of flight services of all airlines in Indonesia. You can take a flight virtually from any airport in Indonesia to any other airport in the country. At Garudas website travelers find their desired travel information.

  • The Garuda Indonesia flight magazin is well worth reading, not only during flights, and offers many interesting articles and information about Indonesia.

Air Asia:

  • Air Asia is a low-cost airlines based in Malaysia. The company was labelled the World's Best Low Cost Airline by Skytrax. A subsidiary of Air Asia is Air Asia Indonesia, which operates out of Jakarta in Indonesia.

  • While Air Asia is certainly on of the better low-cost airlines, Indonesia Air Asia lost its rights for flights in the EU because of safety concerns.



  • An island nation such as Indonesia is of course equipped with a strong network of cruise lines. Pelni is the national shipping company and operates 28 cruise ships which travel to 80 ports. There is practically no alternative to travel on sea.

  • On the cruise ships of Pelni different comfort classes are offered to travelers. In the lower classes heat, smoke and animals must be expected. And quite a lot people sleeping in one cabin. The First Class offers a four-bed cabin with a bathroom and everything is clean.

  • The First Class tickets of the Pelni cruise ships sometimes cost more than a plane ticket and the trip takes much longer. But if you want to come in contact with the local population, you should travel with these vessles, as this offers unsuspected opportunities. You can set that you are the only tourist on board and are considered a small attraction.

  • The cruise ships stop at any port for a few hours so that you can also go short on land.

  • Like many areas in Indonesia, the Pelni cruise ships are heavily air-conditioned. It is recommended to bring warmer clothes with you.

  • To travel from Surabaya to Jakarta, for example, costs €55 and lasts 24 hours (as of 2010). On the website you find all routes (English language available) and other information. A cruise should be booked about 1 week in advance. This can be done directly on the website, but we recommend to visit one of the Pelni offices, whose current addresses also can be found on the Pelni website.



  • There are slow public ferries from Lembar (Lombok) to Padangbai every hour, 24 hours a day. The trip normally takes four hours and costs Rp 35.000.

  • Perama runs daily cruises from Padangbai to Lombok (Rp 200.000) and to the Gili Islands (Rp 300.000). The trip takes 4 hours from Gili Trawangan and 6 hours from Senggigi (Lombok).

  • The fast boats from Gili Cat leave Padang Bai daily at 9AM and arrives at Teluk Kode (Lombok) at 10AM and at Gili Trawangan Harbour at 10:30AM (Rp. 300.000). The service includes a pick up service from hotels in Kuta, Nusa Dua and Seminyak areas.

  • There is a ticket office, waiting area and small cafe adjacent to the pier.

  • Padangbai port is also served by really huge cruise ships, see the site of Clean Cruising as an example.

  • Next to it you can also find a bus station. There is, however, to expect long waiting times and the buses are regularly overcrowded.

  • In front of the port travelers can take a orange bemo to Candidasa and Amalapura (Rp. 7.000) or a blue or white bemo to Semarapura (Rp. 8.000).

  • Travelers and especially women should expect some unfriendly guys at the port district. Never leave there luggage alone and don't let anyone touch your luggage without agreeing to a price first.


  • From Benoa day-trips to Nusa Lembongan are offered.

  • Beside the Pelni cruise ships, which offer connections to other parts of Indonesia, Benoa is the port for tourist day-trips to Nusa Lembongan. Island Explorer Cruises, for example, offer several day-trip programs to Lembongan. See their website for more information.

  • Benoa also has a marina for private yachting. Check Bali Yacht Service for detailed information.

  • Travelers reach Benoa by bemo (Rp. 5.000) from Denpasar airport or by taxi from Kuta (Rp. 20.000).


  • Gilimanuk connects Bali with Java. The port is situated on Bali´s westernmost end and is about 140km from Denpasar.

  • This port offers the fastest boat line from Bali to Java. A trip takes 1 hour and costs around Rp 6,000. There is a ferry service, so vehicles and buses are also transported.

  • The ships sail around the clock, so 24 hours a day, every 30 minutes from Gilimanuk to Ketapang (Java). However, in the evenings and at night, travelers should not necessarily count on the availability of a taxi in Gilimaniuk.

  • Arriving at Ketapang on the island of Java, travelers find the bus station Sri Tanjung about 2km North of the portsite. To Surabaya it is about 300 km, or 6 hours by bus on the road.

  • In the nearby city of Bayunwangi there are a train service, too. To travel by Executive Class to Surabaya costs around Rp 100,000, and the journey takes 7-8 hours.

Getting around


  • The main bus terminal of Denpasar is Ubung, which is also a bemo terminal.

  • From Ubung overland busses connect Denpasar with Surabaya (Java). The trip with a Eksekutiv night bus costs Rp. 120.00, including the ferry connection between Gilimanuk and Ketapang. Other big cities on Java are also served, like Jakarta or Yogyakarta.

  • Tourist shuttle buses are a comfortable alternative to travel on the island of Bali. Perama is the main operator and offers trips between the main tourist spots. However, prices are reasonably higher that at local public transport. In order to travel by Perama, visit one of their offices to get information and book at least of day before your trip. For an extra fee, they will pick you up at our hotel.


  • Public transport on Bali is usually served by minibusses, called bemos.

  • The main hub for various destinations are the bemo terminals in Denpasar. To travel inside Denpasar by bemo might be complicated, as it requires some knowledge of the system. But bemos are suitable to travel to other destinations on Bali.

  • From Tegal terminal, you can take a tour to Kuta, Legian,Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Sanur, and Uluwatu.

  • Batubulan terminal, offers trips to Besakih, Candidasa, Kintamani, Klungkung, Padangbai, Ubud.

  • From Ubung terminal, you can travel to Gilimanuk, Negara, Singaraja, Tabanan.

  • Altough ticket prices are extremely low, foreign travelers should ask for the price beforehand, in order to avoid getting overcharged.


  • Taxi services are widespread in Bali. Especially in bigger cities, like Denpasar and Ubud, metered taxis are available.

  • In order to get a taxi you can go directly to a taxi stand or call it by phone. Therefore, the website of the most reliably and secure taxi service Blue Bird Taxi offers a comprehensive list of phone numbers and further information. On Bali the Bluebird Taxis are also called Bali Taxi

  • In general, you should make sure that the meter is used. If no meter exists, it is important to bargain the fare in advance.

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